Redhanded Boxman

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A spontaneous self-portrait-installation. Thanks to Miss e* for inspiration.

Man wearing afro-wig, sitting on concrete cylinder.

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After the Streetparade, Zurich, Switzerland.

Pink baywatch

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30 seconds

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What a lovely barbecue this was, at Morgins, Switzerland.
Even with some ghost appearance.

Daft meeting result

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This fella just crawled out of my pen during a boring meeting.
It’s probably a self-portrait of me from the future. I wasn’t in trance though.
But the meeting was really boring.

In some other way he reminds me of Genghis Khan, the inventor of  the mongol short-bow.
These bows were pretty cool, because they were easy to use on a horse and they were the first weapons made out of composite materials.
Makes sense? — I’m not sure either …

Rear Window (Weather: Sunny)

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Rear Window (Total-Liquidation)

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